Euro Coins Monaco




2 Euro Commemorative

The Collection of 2 Euro Commemorative Coins issued since 2007 by the National Bank of Monaco



Coins and UNC Sets

The Collection of Euro Coin Sets and Coins issued since 2001 by the National Bank of Monaco



BU and Proof Sets

The Collection of BU and Proof Euro Coin Sets issued since 2001 by the National Bank of Monaco



Monaco, a state of approximately 30.000 people and twentieth economy in the euro area, is one of microstates allowed to issue their own currency euro up to an annual amount equal to 1/500 the amount of coins minted in France.


Minting Euro coins is provided by the "Monnaie de Paris" and begins in 2001, replacing the national currency, the Monégasque Franc at the rate of 1 Euro = 6,55957 MCF


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