Euro Coins Italy




2 Euro Commemorative

The Collection of 2 Euro Commemorative Coins issued since 2004 by the National Bank of Italy



Coins and UNC Sets

The Collection of Euro Coin Sets and Coins issued since 2002 by the National Bank of Italy



Gold and Silver Coins

The Collection of Silver and Gold Euro Coins issued since 2003 by the National Bank of Italy



BU and Proof Sets

The Collection of BU and Proof Euro Coin Sets issued since 2002 by the National Bank of Italy



Italy, a country of approximately 61 million people and third largest economy in the euro area, is one of the founders of the Euro.


Minting Euro coins is provided by the "Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato" and begins in 2002, replacing the national currency, the Italian Lira at the rate of 1 Euro = 1936,27 ITL


You can find in our shop coins of 2 Euros commemorative, 2 Euros color, coincard, uncirculated sets, Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof sets, etc...



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